World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen breaks down Beth Harmon's Final Chess Game

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Watch as Norwegian Grandmaster and World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen analyses every move as Beth Harmon takes on Vasily Borgov in the thrilling finale of The Queen’s Gambit.
Done in collaboration with Play Magnus Group / Chess 24.
Subtitles are available in multiple languages.
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Netflix Nordic
Netflix Nordic Mánuði síðan
“Borgov shouldn’t smile, he should be ashamed.” Apply cold water to that burn.
Kermit T. Frog
Kermit T. Frog 5 dögum síðan
@Alex Wader A smart woman. I'm sure that is cringe worthy for a LOT of insecure men.
Alex Wader
Alex Wader 5 dögum síðan
beth harmon is the most cringe character i have ever seen in my life
Kermit T. Frog
Kermit T. Frog Mánuði síðan
I have said this elsewhere. But Beth didn't learn to play chess on a board. She learned to play in her head. She was an orphan who never had a chessboard until she won her first tournament. She does what a lot of us do. Entertain ourselves with our thoughts. She would play herself in matches to keep herself entertained. Nothing strange about her being able to visualize better on the ceiling than on the board. That's where she is most comfortable.
sburb tube
sburb tube Mánuði síðan
How about you stop being sexist and learn a bit about diversity? Also this series is based on a novel, so it's easier to adapt it for tv.
Imperial Enforcer
Imperial Enforcer Mánuði síðan
Apply whom? You must apply Netflix for not portraying borgov as good enough of a player
Narayan.नारायण. 10 klukkustundum síðan
My man crushed borgov's soul
Darky Degi Síðan síðan
Magnus has absolutely no chill even when talking about other players lmao
Darky Degi Síðan síðan
Magnus: The pieces are not there on the ceiling” Hikaru: [Ceiling spotted, Target acquired]
Joe pie
Joe pie 2 dögum síðan
maybe netflix shouldn't have gotten the greatest chess player of all time because he sees the game in a different way lol
SportsFan 2 dögum síðan
People forget that this last chess game was partly real chess game and the rest of half was changed my grandmasters and himself , the genius . :)
FrostyRobot 3 dögum síðan
Magnus, GM in trash talking ... lol
DJ Art
DJ Art 4 dögum síðan
*...This guy doesn't understand drama does he?* xD
Slayer Mack
Slayer Mack 8 dögum síðan
Carlsen saying something is obvious in chess is like Einstein saying The Theory of General Relativity is as easy as 2+2=4. I appreciate Carlsen's trust in my ability to instantly read a chess board for the next 20 moves, but I'm still figuring out where to put the horsie when I set up the pieces.
W Shrieve
W Shrieve 9 dögum síðan
"He shouldn't smile, he should be ashamed"..😂 Bahahaha...I love this guy...and he cuts through all the over dramatic Hollywood bullshit!
michael scott
michael scott 10 dögum síðan
Don Emigholz Jr.
Don Emigholz Jr. 14 dögum síðan
There are no men in this movie. Want to be men, or facsimiles of men but, well, Mr Shaibel in a past life. Terrible casting in this movie to the point of promoting misogyny. Chess player, male Chess players are not "Geeks". They are men that play a very difficult game to master and that takes great fortitude to be competitive in the game. That is all lost in this movie, all but one or maybe two "Russian" players. Disgraces Chess.
Luke Churchill
Luke Churchill 15 dögum síðan
Was a good show
Dombo Wombo
Dombo Wombo 16 dögum síðan
It's like the "vocal coach reacts to "-videos, but in this case the guy who reacts is actually very good at what he talks about.
Zach Young
Zach Young 17 dögum síðan
His commentary here would be a lot more meaningful if there were a diagram of the position onscreen... as it is, we have no idea what the board position is that he's talking about.
DaisyHead Maizy
DaisyHead Maizy 20 dögum síðan
I like how he describes the chess moves and sequences as beautiful and pretty.
sush139 20 dögum síðan
Sella Manoly
Sella Manoly 21 degi síðan síðan みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS cm ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね. .yuuu
Andrea Ramirez
Andrea Ramirez 22 dögum síðan
Porque no hay subtitulos al español 😡😡😡😡
Verlith 23 dögum síðan
Lol this is gold
loud silence
loud silence 27 dögum síðan
Someone plz explain 3:19
BURAK Cihan 28 dögum síðan
Ne diyon karsen amça
Luis Peguero
Luis Peguero 28 dögum síðan
He’s like the chess version of Canelo 💪🏽
MackofejFTW Mánuði síðan
I just came to dislike this. This netflix series is one of the cringiest shit ive ever seen
mark g
mark g Mánuði síðan
Magnus should be in next season:)
Madina Tuleshova
Madina Tuleshova Mánuði síðan
*adding Magnus Carlsen to the list of hall passes* lol
Darshan Tawte
Darshan Tawte Mánuði síðan
"Borgov should'nt smile and should be ashamed" LMAO.
Kermit T. Frog
Kermit T. Frog Mánuði síðan
This is just amazing. ISpost at its best. All I knew was that the games were good drama. I had no idea that they were even close to being good chess... or even real chess.
ricemango Mánuði síðan
Zafeer Lambe
Zafeer Lambe Mánuði síðan
LMAOOO he should be ashamed 💀
Jesumai YT
Jesumai YT Mánuði síðan
She's decent
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Mánuði síðan
and wants to spare you the incoming humiliation he is about to inflict on you with his lone king.
uff Mánuði síðan
Please a new series with Carlsen
Bong Cloud
Bong Cloud Mánuði síðan
We love u magnus!!!!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Mánuði síðan
“draw and I buy you an LV bag”.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Mánuði síðan
Lol netflix, you rope in Magnus Carlsen to analyze the final game and don't put him on the cover!!
Jason Yang Gang
Jason Yang Gang Mánuði síðan
Holy fuck that dead pan roasting is hilarious
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Mánuði síðan
El Magneto as brutal as ever.
assassin Mánuði síðan
Shouldve use Magnus as Bargov LOL
Don Corleone
Don Corleone Mánuði síðan
Borgov has diarrhea during that game.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Mánuði síðan
he is straight up dragging Borgov
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Mánuði síðan
Borgov: Makes his first move of his game. Magnus: This game is already over
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Mánuði síðan
“Borgov shouldn’t smile, he should be ashamed.” Apply cold water to that burn.
golden visit
golden visit Mánuði síðan
Jésus can change your life bro ♥️✝️
En Vivo
En Vivo Mánuði síðan
I see a great future for this youngster
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Mánuði síðan
ocean Baadal.
ocean Baadal. Mánuði síðan
She completely embarrassed him by sacrificing her queen she piss in his face 😂😂. Un that position if someone offers Carlson a draw he will sacrifice all his pieces and checkmating him with his king and pawn.
Yair Alon
Yair Alon Mánuði síðan
There was something that happened in the show and I think the producers wanted to explore, but ended up not doing so, for some reason. Before this game, the FBI agent that follows Beth everywhere tells her that she should be aware if the russian players try to send her a message or a hint in any way, by doing something strange or odd... I think this Borgov move and asking for a draw was clearly this kind of message. It was very unusual of his to offer a draw, and Beth realizes that there is something weird in it. Besides that, when Borgov asks to continue the game the next day, we are shown a scene where he is discussing the game with other russian grandmasters with his room's doors open (very weird, again), and as soon as Beth comes down the corridor and hears them talking, he closes the door (not a bit annoyed). It is as if he is willing to let her know what he is going to play and give her the ability to prepare and win the game.
Yan Nosrati
Yan Nosrati Mánuði síðan
Borgov: Makes his first move of his game. Magnus: This game is already over
No Sana No Life
No Sana No Life Mánuði síðan
He should talk about how women have never been at the top of chess compared to men and that this show is feminist fantasy
Angus Gow
Angus Gow Mánuði síðan
Wait this is a movie so they are following a script , Like the movie cuties?.
Rock girl
Rock girl Mánuði síðan
El Magneto as brutal as ever.
Rich y
Rich y Mánuði síðan
I admit. Borgov’s chess wasn’t spectacular, but what got me was his poor choice of words he used when he knew he was losing. He said “draw” when he should have said “draw and I buy you an LV bag”.
Rock girl
Rock girl Mánuði síðan
Agadmator did it before it was cool 😂
szewei1985 Mánuði síðan
Haha the king has spoken
Soph Playz
Soph Playz Mánuði síðan
✨borgov SHOULDNT smile he should be ashamed✨
The Vagabond
The Vagabond Mánuði síðan
Beef with Borgov?
sofia quinones
sofia quinones Mánuði síðan
him the whole time: "she is winning" "he has no way to win" Netflix: "shhh, let them get the dramatic affect"
H4RO Mánuði síðan
Exactly 😂 The end of the game in that scene is pretty dramatic, but the truth is that it was already obvious for her how the game would end, and it should be obvious for borgov too. Professional players can see several moves ahead in the endgame.
sofia quinones
sofia quinones Mánuði síðan
he is straight up dragging Borgov
Kathie Lavine
Kathie Lavine Mánuði síðan
That was really fun to watch! Thank you!
zog zog
zog zog Mánuði síðan
Magnus the ambassador. Well done.
Creator X
Creator X Mánuði síðan
Lester Robin B. Pe
Lester Robin B. Pe Mánuði síðan
mag lul sen
Gard Wanderoy
Gard Wanderoy Mánuði síðan
Hey norwegians, feeling proud aren't we? :)
Daniel Lucanus
Daniel Lucanus Mánuði síðan
Great video Netflix and Magnus! -Daniel and Emilia x
LostSpider Mánuði síðan
Netflix, I challenge you to make a chess movie with Magnus Carlsen and Will Ferrell
neither Mánuði síðan
I wish they let him speak his first language with captions, think he would’ve felt more comfortable doing that
amjan Mánuði síðan
A bunch of whimps and manginas in the comment section.
Sahil Op
Sahil Op Mánuði síðan
Agadmator did it before it was cool 😂
Bodyrocker888 Mánuði síðan
Damn who knew grandmasters were soooo hot! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
esmereyes2008 Mánuði síðan
If you count how many magnus said umm i will give a you a cookie
aussie114 Mánuði síðan
Her left eye keeps twitching as if she is tweaking on drugs.
Vaibhav Mánuði síðan
This is 100x impressive when you remember these 2 are just actors. Not chess people. Wow! Give them all the awards!!! 🤩
Chutney Rebel
Chutney Rebel Mánuði síðan
5:34 magnus is borgov xD
The Way Thing's Happen
The Way Thing's Happen Mánuði síðan
The prince of chess, now a king forever immortalized in his work. 👑🙏
robert daffle
robert daffle Mánuði síðan
magnus is a savage with his disses lmaoo
David León
David León Mánuði síðan
The king has spoken
Capuccino Pintucciono
Capuccino Pintucciono Mánuði síðan
Gotta love how this show is so exciting, even to people like me, who don't know the first thing about chess (I only recently learned how all the pieces can move)
ittb pbit
ittb pbit Mánuði síðan
would have been nice to show the chessboard...aside... to put some visuals on what he's saying...
Brahmadathan Chirackal
Brahmadathan Chirackal Mánuði síðan
8 minutes of me pretending that I understand what he's saying.
KeepHimAtBay Mánuði síðan
Alex Pogi
Alex Pogi Mánuði síðan
Lemon Mánuði síðan
Should have shown a clear view of the board throughout the video(Even a picture of the board at the corner) since this is an analysis video of the game, not the cinematography. Especially when Magnus was talking about certain moves, but all we can see is a clip of her calling on the phone.. like what?
mech cntr
mech cntr Mánuði síðan
I can't see the board. This video is stupid.
Andrew Gundy
Andrew Gundy Mánuði síðan
Lol kinda harsh on the poor guy
Children'sBooksforAdults Mánuði síðan
Get this man an analysis board.
Vincent Guerin
Vincent Guerin Mánuði síðan
lol 5:23 looks like she's playing Magnus
Bell rey Ybañez
Bell rey Ybañez Mánuði síðan
looks like canelo
Dennis Rz
Dennis Rz Mánuði síðan
“When you see a good move, look for a better one.”
Okechukwu Nkamuke
Okechukwu Nkamuke Mánuði síðan
When you see a good move, play it!
Joe D
Joe D Mánuði síðan
Love how ruthless he is haha
Peter S
Peter S Mánuði síðan
What was the point of that?!! His comments are interesting but they are meaningless if we can't see the positions when he comments on particular moves. Why didn't they show a diagram of the board as he was analyzing it? It was a letdown for that reason. It could have been really interesting to hear how he responds to particular moves and positions as we see the whole game. There is another ISpost video analyzing the whole game which is really interesting and you finally see that she wins when she puts her king into a position where Borgov can no longer check the king so he's toast as she is attacking him and winning, hence his resignation. Her queen sacrifice is brilliant. Great players often see how to sacrifice to get a winning position. Magnus is the best ever at doing it. I really enjoyed the chess parts of the series and it's cool hearing that the best player ever was enjoying it too.
Mr.Fishstick _YT
Mr.Fishstick _YT Mánuði síðan
@bocoy noiu the world chess champion
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Mánuði síðan
Who is this guy 'magnus carlsen' star??
Original J
Original J Mánuði síðan
Low key saying he should’ve been the villain.
AM3X Mánuði síðan
"Go out and play, have fun" is so ironic lol
Rozita Rzk
Rozita Rzk Mánuði síðan
He is soo humble, he said "While watching the movie i try to predict what's going to happen and it is exciting" ... My respect 📈📈📈
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher Mánuði síðan
Because of the title, I would have expected more about the game as opposed to the episode.
Raul Mánuði síðan
4:05 Beth engages Nakamura mode
Raul Mánuði síðan
Netflix: let's invite the best chess player in the world to talk about our chess fiction series Carlsen: Your series is not coherent, not realistic, and a little bit non-sense Netflix: Fuck it. lets publish anyway
Rick Mortar
Rick Mortar 8 dögum síðan
Most things on Netflix are nonsensical.
bserpa2 14 dögum síðan
He also said that the chess was done really well throughout the series and that he loved watching it as a chess player and a fan to try and guess what moves they were going to do next and that some of the games were really pretty. He didn’t have only negatives to say about it.
Carosaurio 17 dögum síðan
Also Carlsen: "Uhm... Ahhh... Mmm... Emmm..." :v
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar Mánuði síðan
Mikhail Permitin
Mikhail Permitin Mánuði síðan
I heard Kramnik. He said all the games were real
piyush bhattad
piyush bhattad Mánuði síðan
"Borgov shouldn't smile, he should be ashamed" ~Magnus
PedroAk jr
PedroAk jr Mánuði síðan
It's clear to me that there'll be a 2nd season at this point
Данил Бугаевский
Данил Бугаевский Mánuði síðan
Very nice, guys! But where is the diagram of the game and moves, Carlsen is describing?? It's very uncomfortable to stop the video and try to see what is going on
Jennyxiaoying Peng
Jennyxiaoying Peng Mánuði síðan
This should be a series.
alby V.
alby V. Mánuði síðan
This Carl guy seems kinda good he should play competitively or something
Mr.Fishstick _YT
Mr.Fishstick _YT Mánuði síðan
Really? He isn’t he like a 500? Or is he a 200?
cres sidalia
cres sidalia Mánuði síðan
Yeah he seems really good he should try to go for state champion. World champion is too far tho
Rebecca Loran
Rebecca Loran Mánuði síðan
1:35 it may have been a display of his arrogance. He assumes even with overnight analysis that she would still be unable to defeat his position. Please be aware that this behavior isn't only true of chess champions toward women, as arrogance is a large part of the chess world. It's only natural in a game such as chess. This might be the single most important moment in encapsulating male arrogance, however, which exists in the real world in a fictional world which imagined a situation with basically a woman rising in the chess ranks in much the same way and similar timeline as Bobby Fischer did. This subtle irony may be lost to many viewers of the series.
Rebecca Loran
Rebecca Loran Mánuði síðan
It's also highly inappropriate for her to start embracing her. There are cultural differences but I find it to be highly inappropriate for a man to just start hugging a woman after a chess game, even if it was "consentual."
falco830 Mánuði síðan
"I'm not just a Chess Champion, I'm a Chess Fan" ~ Carlsen _or something like that_
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